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William F. Jordan, PhD, CPA

Professor Emeritus
Florida State University
April 5, 2013



Department of Accounting
College of Business
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida 32306


422 North Ride
Tallahassee, Florida 32303
Phone: 850-385-3770

Personal Data

Date of Birth: August 14, 1940
Married: Susan B. Vosseller (Married June 12, 1965)
Daughters: Anne (1966), Mary (1971)
Certified Public Accountant—Florida


Ph.D.: Georgia State University, August 1974
Major: Accounting

MPA: Georgia State University, June 1972
Major: Accounting

BA: Cornell University, June 1962
Major: Philosophy

Dissertation: An Analysis of Selected Features of the Georgia Personal Income Tax

Honors and Fellowships

Beta Alpha Psi Outstanding Professor Award, 1981, 1998
Florida State University Teaching & Advising Award 1990
National Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner – C.P.A. Examination (Florida 2nd, U.S. 7th, Nov. 1982)
Alpha Kappa Psi Teaching Award, 1978
Diplomat, American College of Forensic Examiners
Diplomat, American College of Forensic Accountants
Fellow, American Accounting Association Doctoral Consortium, 1973
Winner, Georgia NAA Manuscript Contest, 1973
Beta Gamma Sigma, National Business Honorary Fraternity
Beta Alpha Psi, National Accounting Honorary Fraternity

Professional Memberships

American Taxation Association
American Accounting Association
Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Teaching Interests

  • Federal income tax
  • Financial, tax and investment analysis of partnerships
  • Accounting and information systems
  • Financial and managerial accounting

Research Interests

Partnership Accounting and Finance; Damages in Securities Litigation; Federal Income Taxation; Accounting Systems

Business and Educational Experience

June 2003–Present: Professor Emeritus Florida State University.

Sept 1984–June 2003: Professor of Accounting Florida State University. Teaching courses in graduate and undergraduate taxation and accounting.

Sept 2000–Sept 2004: Disaster Comptroller, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

July 1991: Instructor, Price Waterhouse in-house partnership tax course.

Nov 1986–1993: Chairman, State of Florida Financial and Technical Advisory Committee.

1986–1990: Consultant to U.S. Treasury for financial and economic aspects of equipment tax shelters (through Quad Data Corporation).

Nov 1985–1994: Financial Standards Consultant to Florida Department of Environmental Regulation.

Sep 1984–1992: Member of Editorial Board of Advances in Taxation.

1985–1987: Tax Instructor, Touche Ross in-house professional education courses

Sep 1979–1984: Associate Professor of Accounting, Florida State University

Sept 1980–1984: Member of Editorial Board of The Journal of the American Taxation Association

Sept 1974–Aug 1979: Assistant Professor of Accounting, Florida State University

1972–1974: Instructor in Accounting, Georgia State University

1970–1971: Research & Teaching Assistant, Georgia State University

1967–1970: Stockbroker, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith

1962–1967: Aviation Electronics/Flight Officer, U.S. Navy. Retired from Reserve Service in 1987. Rank: Captain (O-6)

Concurrent Litigation Experience

Damages and Investments Expert to States of Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania

Damages and Investments Expert in numerous NASD, AAA, NYSE arbitration forums

NASD Arbitrator

Damages and/or Investments Testimony as Expert in (recalled cases only)

Pennsylvania Securities Commissioner v. Kalin, January 1999
Piscitelli v. (?), California State Court, 1998
Friend v. J.B. Hanauer, 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida, December 1997
Riskin v. Polaris, et al., Texas State Court, 1995
Prudential Securities Class Litigation, Federal District Court, New Orleans, 1994
Joanis v. Prudential Securities, California State Court, 1994
Ashmore v. Prudential Securities, California State Court, 1994
Del Val Securities Litigation, North Carolina State Court, 1993
Johnston v. Cigna, Colorado State Court, 1992
Cecil v. Nichols, Florida State Court, 1992
Nipper v. Snipes, U.S. Federal District Court, District of South Carolina at Greenville, remanded for new trial for improperly introduced evidence, 7 F.3d 415 (4th Cir. 1993)


1. “Evaluating Limited Partnership Investments,” with W.A. Hillison, The CPA Journal, September 1997, pp 20-26. The article contains a description of investment characteristics of limited partnership investments and a method for analysis of capital structure and risk.

2. “Environmental Cleanup: Accounting for Future Costs Can Be a Messy Problem,” with William A. Hillison, The Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, Vol 6, No. 1 (Autumn 1994), pp 91-101. This article discusses the problems in accounting for future remediation costs, compares the pros and cons of different treatments, and looks at the funding versus accounting issue.

3. “Limited Partnerships and the Emerging Tort of Suitability,” with Stewart Brown and Thomas Grady, The Florida Bar Journal, Vol LXVI, No. 1 (January 1992), pp 21-30. This article describes risk factors, suitability issues, and measures of damage resulting from unsuitable investment recommendations.

4. “Investment Aspects Relating to the Suitability of Limited Partnership Interests,” with William A. Hillison and Stewart Brown, in D. E. Robbins, ed., Securities Arbitration 1991, pp 855-876 (New York: Practising Law Institute, 1991).

5. “Calculating Damages in Churning and Suitability Cases,” with Stewart Brown, in D. E. Robbins, ed., Securities Arbitration 1991, pp 877-894 (New York: Practicing Law Institute, 1991).

6. “The CPA’s Role in Leaking Petroleum Storage System Cleanup,” with William A. Hillison and Sarah Dunn, CPA Today, Vol 7:4, April 1991, pp 21-25. The article describes Florida’s provisions for remediation of leaking underground storage systems and the role of the accounting profession in the process.

7. “Accounting Issues of Underground Injection of Waste,” with William Hillison and Kenneth Pogach, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Vol 9:3, Fall 1989, pp 219-234. This paper evaluates the suitability of EPA financial tests for operators of hazardous underground injection facilities and discusses the role of the auditor in the regulation and control of waste injection.

8. “Book and Tax Depreciation,” Computer Integration in the Accounting Curriculum: Case Studies, 1988, pp 17-43. This case contrasts the complexities of tax and financial accounting in a computer model.

9. “An Empirical Inquiry into the Determination of Dividend Equivalence in Stock Redemptions: A Comment,” with Rodger Holland, The Journal of the American Taxation Association, Spring 1984, pp 75-80. This article argues that the discriminant analysis methodology employed in a paper appearing in the Summer 1982 issue of the Journal is deficient and produces inaccurate and misleading conclusions.

10. “Capital Recovery Options: A Response and a Note on Changes resulting from the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (TEFRA),” The Journal of the American Taxation Association, Fall 1983, pp 63-68. This article describes tax changes effected by TEFRA and quantitatively determines decision rules for selecting among its capital recovery options.

11. “Capital Recovery Options under the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981: An Analysis of Comparative Benefits,” The Journal of the American Taxation Association, Winter 1982. pp 5-14. This paper fully describes the overhaul of the federal income tax depreciation system and quantitatively determines guidelines for selecting among its various investment tax credit and capital recovery options.

12. “Possession of Tax-Exempt Securities Need Not Always Result in Disallowance of Interest Deductions,” Taxation for Accountants, December 1980, pp 368-372. This article describes the status of concurrent exclusion of tax-exempt interest and deduction of indebtedness interest, and considers the Internal Revenue Code, Regulation, Rulings and case law. It was selected by Commerce Clearing House for inclusion in the “Special Articles” section of its Federal Tax Reporter. This article was also reproduced by the American Institute of CPA’s and the University of Illinois for their co-sponsored National Tax Education Program.

“Saving an Interest Deduction When Client Owns Tax-Exempts,” Taxation for Lawyers, March/April 1981. pp 310-314. (This is a reprint of the preceding publication.)

13. “Income Tax Aspects of Low and No Interest Loans,” The Tax Adviser, May 1980, pp 300-305. This article discusses the controversy over the income tax aspects of interest-free and low-interest loans and focuses on recent Tax Court cases. It was reproduced by Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. for its internal education programs.

14. “Tax Implications of Family Loan Transactions,” The Tax Adviser, November 1979, pp 654-658. This article is an examination of the cases and rulings regarding low and no interest loans between related interests and offers guidance in mapping a course through the often conflicting precedents.

15. “Sec. 119 after Kowalski,” The Tax Adviser, June 1978, pp 342-345.

16. “Proving the Deductibility of Business Bad Debt,” Taxation for Accountants, Vol. 19 no. 3 (Sept 1977) pp 138-142. Selected by CCH for inclusion in its section “Special Articles Relating to Federal Taxes.”

17. “Can Cash Payment of Employees be Excluded as Meals under Section 119?,” The Journal of Taxation, Vol. 45 no. 5 (Nov. 1976) pp 310-312.

18. “Yachtsmen Must Steer a Hazardous Course Through Rough Waters to Secure a Tax Deduction,” Taxation for Accountants, Vol. 15 no. 2 (August 1975) pp. 104-105.

Other Published Research

1. “The Yachtsman vs. the IRS,” Yachting, April 1976.

Program Participation and Presentations

1. Discussant, Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association Annual Meeting, November 1993.

2. “Limited Partnerships,” Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association Annual Meeting, November 13, 1992.

3. “Untangling the Limited Partnership–Concerns for the CPA,” Florida Institute of CPAs Accounting Conference, Tallahassee, May 1992.

4. “S-corporations under the Tax Reform Act of 1986,” Southeast Georgia CPA Society, Cairo, GA 1987.

5. “The Anatomy of an Equipment Tax Shelter,” Florida Association of Enrolled Agents, Tallahassee, 1987.

6. “Corporate Liquidations–The Risks & Rewards,” Florida Association of Enrolled Agents, Tallahassee, 1986.

7. Discussant, “Computers & the Accounting Curriculum” AAA SE Meeting, Greenville, 1986.

8. Discussant, “Untethering the Computer Terminal,” American Institute of Decision Sciences Meeting, New Orleans, 1979.

9. Discussant, “The Effects of Selected Alternatives to Adjust Capital Gains and Losses for Inflation” AAA National Meeting, Atlanta, August 1976.

Other Interests

  • Instrument-rated private pilot
  • Amateur Extra ham radio operator