Bridging for Supported Transceivers

The following table contains bridge (jumper) setting for specific mobile transceivers. Contact us with requests for other rigs.

tmd710_G_71 ft857 yaesu FT-891 ts2000 ic7100 ID_5100
1 1b-19c J w/APRS* 1c-2c 2c-3c 2c-3c
2 3c-4c 2c-3c 2c-3c 2c-3c 3c-4c 4c-5c 4c-5c
3 5c-6c 4c-5c 4c-5c 4c-5c 5c-14c J 5c-10c J 28c-6c J 7a-7b
4 7c-8c 7a-7b 6c-7c 7a-7b 7a-7b 7c-8c 7c-8c 8c-9c
5 9c-10c 9b-10b 9a-9b 9b-10b 8c-9c 9c-17c J 9c-10c 10c-11c
6 11a-11b 11b-12b 11b-12b 11b-12b 11c-12c 10b-11b 11c-12c 12c-13c
7 12c-13c 13b-14b 13b-14b 13b-14b 13a-13b 13c-14c
8 14c-15c 15b-16b 26c-16c J
9 17c-18c 17c-18c 17c-18c 18c-19c 18b-19b 18c-19c 18b-19b
10 19c-20c 19b-20b 19c-20c 20c-21c 19c-20c 20c-21c 19c-20c
11 2c-22c J 21c-22c 21b-22b 22c-23c 10b-22b J 21c-22c 22c-23c 21c-22c
12 24b-25b 23c-24c 23b-24b 24b-25b 21b-24b J 23c-24c 24c-25c 23c-24c
13 26b-27b 25c-26c 26c-10b J 26c-27c 25b-26b 25c-26c 26c-16c J
14 28a-28b 27c-28c 27b-28b 28b-29b 28a-28b 27c-28c 30a-30b 28c-6c J
15 29b-30b 30a-30b 29b-30b 30a-30b 29b-30b 30a-30b 31b-32b 30a-30b
16 32c-33c 31b-32b 32c-33c 31b-32b 32c-33c 31b-32b
Tested Separation
75′ 75′ 100′ 100′ 100′ 175′ 100′ 65′

Note: Icom IC-7100 can be configured to extend its USB port to the control location.

ftm350 id880 ic2820 tmd700 ts480 ic2720 FTM400
1 1c-2c 2c-28c J
2 3a-3b 2c-3c 3c-4c 3c-4c
3 4c-5c 5a-5b 4c-5c 5b-6b 5c-6c 5c-6c 5b-6b
4 6c-22c J 7a-7b 7a-7b 7a-7b 7a-7b 7a-7b 7b-8b
5 7c-8c 8b-9b 8c-9c 8b-9b 8c-9c 8c-9c 6c-22b J
6 9c-10c 10b-11b 10c-11c 10b-11b 10c-11c 10c-11c 9c-10c
7 11c-12c 12b-13b 13c-14c 13c-14c 11c-12c
8 13c-14c 5a-16b J
9 15a-15b 17b-18b 18b-19b 17b-18b 17c-18c 15c-16c
10 17c-11a J 19b-20b 20b-21b 18c-19c 17c-11a J
11 19c-20c 21b-22b 22b-23b 21b-22b 2c-22c J 20c-21c 19b-20b
12 24a-24b 23b-24b 24b-25b 23b-24b 12c-24c J 22c-23c 24a-24b
13 25c-26c 25b-26b 26b-27b 25b-26b 25c-26c 24c-25c 25b-26b
14 27c-28c 27b-28b 28b-29b 28a-28b 28a-28b 26c-27c 27b-28b
15 29c-30c 30a-30b 30a-30b 29b-30b 30b-31b 30a-30b 30b-31b
16 31b-32b 31b-32b 31b-32b 32c-33c 32c-33c
Tested Separation
75′ 15′  25′  100′ 100′ 100′ 90′

J = Jumper
= Not tested with cables longer than 15′
* With optional connecting cables, the remote SMR can be pluged directly into Argent and Byonics APRS units.