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Use your controls in multiple locations! When installed with SWAPMYRIGS, A VGA Mechanical Switch lets you move your radio's controls to different locations without moving the radio. Install the transceiver in the shack, and take your controls to the home office or livingroom. In an RV, unplug the controls from the driver’s seat and use them in the living quarters. On a boat, use the controls in the boat’s bridge and then later, in its cabin. On field day, move the same controls to two locations–CW and SSB. Here's how it works: the transceiver body is close to the antenna, and is connected to a SWAPMYRIGS box. A VGA cable connects to the VGA Mechanical Swith box at the first remote location. From there, the cable splits; you connect your SWAPMYRIGS box and controls to the output of switch Position A. The output of switch Position B is connected to another VGA cable that runs to the second location. Operating at the second location involves setting the switch to Position B, disconnecting the SWAPMYRIGS box from its cable, and carrying it and your controls to the second location. Connect the box to the VGA cable that comes from switch Position B, and your controls are ready to go. (If you can get it past your spouse, use your tax refund to buy a second set of controls and another SWAPMYRIGS box. Then it’s just a matter of turning the switch from A to B.)  Switch kit dimensions: 3.5” W x 6” L x 2” H

SMR VGA Mechanical Switch

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